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Although Cook Law Offices, P.C.'s practice area spans mainly within a 200 mile radius of Texarkana, USA, Danny J. Cook has personally handled more than 2,000 cases within Bowie County, Texas, Miller County, Arkansas, Little River County, Arkansas, Hempstead County, Arkansas, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas and the United States District Court for the Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas. For this reason, Cook Law Offices, P.C. is familiar with the intimate inter-workings between these Clerks' Offices and the Judge's Offices, Court Personnel, related District Attorney's, County Attorney's, and Prosecuting Attorney's.  When it comes to assisting out-of-town counsel in assisting with the local details of the above-mentioned courts, Mr. Cook will not promise anything that he cannot do. Any promises made will be kept.

Mr. Cook has served with local counsel in several substantial high-profile cases, for example:   Wannell Bradshaw V.  Ford Motor Company, ET AL, for Wyatt & Wyatt of Corpus Christi, Texas, as well as many other notable cases. Assembling teams of experts is our strength.

Mobilizing teams of experts is critical to preserving evidence.

We respond within moments via blackberry by emailing

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